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Belize all-inclusive resorts

Should you stay in Belize all-inclusive resorts?

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Looking for the best Belize all-inclusive resorts? We have our favorites, but you might not need one. While all inclusives (AIs) provide some practical benefits, there are so many outstanding restaurants in Belize you might enjoy your trip more (and spend less) by taking advantage of local options.

What are Belize All-Inclusive Resorts, Anyway?

If you’re new to staying in resorts, you might not understand some of the lingo. All-inclusive resorts include more than the cost of your room in the price. What is provided depends on the property, but many times you will have lodging, basic dining options and basic activities included in the cost of your trip. There are often upgrades available, like swim-out suites or butler service.

European Plans (EP) are also a common phrase. Instead of the typical dining package, these resorts – much like lodging found throughout Europe – only provide guests with breakfast as part of their resort fee. The difference between AI and EP can amount to thousands of dollars.

That said, the country’s top resorts are also home to the top chefs. Whether you have an AI plan or you don’t, you’re likely to have culinary delights at your fingertips.

What Are the Premier Belize AIs?

For the most part, you won’t find the same kind of AIs in Belize that you’ll find in more popular Caribbean destinations. There are some food-inclusive resorts and we work with suppliers who’ve been able to create packages with specific properties, but the resorts themselves don’t usually offer dining, activities, drinks and lodging all on one tab.

The bigger issue when it comes to the best resort for your traveling party is what you most want to do in the country. Do you want to stay in the cays and enjoy the beaches and all the snorkeling along the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef or dive into the Great Blue Hole? Are you interested in Amazon rainforest tours where you’ll discover Mayan ruins and search for howler monkeys? Do you want a Bohemian getaway rich with vibrant culture, music and the arts? All of these things can be had in Belize, but not all in one spot.


The Best Resorts in Belize With a European Plan (or Not)

European Plans are the way to go in many warm-weather nations where foods are rich, flavorful and central to the country’s culture. Be mindful that not every resort offers one. Many travelers to Belize are worried they’ll have difficulty ordering food, and they’re happily surprised to find the official language is English. The accent will be different than you’re used to, but you should have no problem reading or ordering from local menus.


Whether you want a chic, relaxing beach getaway or a jungle vacation, you’ll also have an easier time setting up excursions outside your resort, though we can offer suggestions for those as well.

© 2016, Belize Tourism Board.
Ready to book one of our favorite Belize all-inclusive resorts? Get in touch! We’ll find the perfect property from which you can explore this mesmerizing country.



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